Friday, March 25, 2011

Greetings From The World of... Today!

It's currently nine in the morning, and I have a date with my amazing boyfriend, Cj, at 11. We are going to go see the movie 'Sucker Punch'. I'm not exactly sure what sort of expectations I have.

When I first saw the poster at the movie theater, I laughed and called Cj over to chuckle at how stupid Hollywood thinks we are. The poster is obviously pandering to the male libido and doesn't really care if us girls are interested or not. But then, I saw the commercials. Now I am intrigued.

It almost looks like a bunch of anime thrown together and dragged into real life. Quite literally. I'm predicting people everywhere will praise it for being so 'original' and 'innovative'. You know, the same way they do about Lady Gaga's fashion style. It's so new! … Well yeah, maybe to YOU. But still, I'm looking forward to something good.

I'm hoping it will be worth my optimism.

While my hot sticks are warming, I thought I might as well write a 'first entry'.

I'll try to keep this short. You'll get to know me eventually. ;) For right this moment, here's what I find important.

My name is Brianne. I wish it were something more catchy, but it's not. I can't even shorten it to something cute. My friend Rebecca can shorten hers to 'Becca', her sister is Elizabeth, but she made it 'Betsy'. I was a cute bubbly name like that. The best I got is 'Bri'. Not cute. :( Maybe I should ask Becca's family to help out. Haha.

I'd like to be a writer. I've been writing for most of my life, starting around 8-9 years old when I received my parents huge, old, bulky-ass computer. My dream job is actually publishing books for a living, but given that technology is killing the idea of words on paper... I have a dream of writing for a magazine about something I enjoy.

One of those things is video games. I like video games. A lot. I think they'll be a great medium for storytelling one day. As a writer, that's what I appreciate most in games. Another 'dream job' would being a game writer, or writing for a magazine or website like 'Game Informer' or 'The Escapists'.

I love Japanese fashion (hence the Lady Gaga remark earlier. I like the gal, but come on... She's not the 'first' to dress like that...), especially Lolita fashion. I used to be very into Decora as well, but that was too rich for my blood. Lolita is expensive as well, but at least with Lolita I don't slowly lose accessory after accessory until you have to start from scratch.

I'm growing out my hair. This part is important because I never had long had before. It's always been short, so I don't know how to 'deal' with long hair. Some of my blogs might be about this continuous struggle.

Just a simple hello, and a promise. I will update at least once a week. I will try to write longer blogs, but some of them might be short (like this one).

I'll overuse parentheses (just like I did above... And just now). I'll apologize for that now. But I promise I'll always use proper grammar and spelling, with maybe a 'wtf' or an 'omg' here and there, but I honestly doubt it. There is something very rewarding about writing 'what the fuck' all the way through. :D

When I get home from the movie, first I will write about how it was. The whole date, not just the movie. Then I will spend some time making this blog prettier.

Alright, hot sticks are warmed up now! I'll also post pictures of my hair. :) I'm testing out a new style I saw in The Gothic Lolita Bible, but adding curls to it as well. I'm not dressing Lolita today, just testing the hairstyle. 

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  1. I think Bri is a really cute name, actually. :]