Tuesday, May 31, 2011

D-d-d-d-d-down With The Sickness!

Oh goodness I have such blog envy.

I need to make mine prettier. Honestly, this is sad. I really need to find a camera and get a nice picture and make a header... Put up a nice background, something not so boring... Oh goodness, what a battle!

Anyway, none of that for right now. I've been really insanely sick for the past four days, and it's been tough. I was supposed to go camping this weekend with Cj, but we had to leave early because it was too hard for me to breath. I've gotten a bit better, but the mornings are awful. I could list the symptoms, but it's literally a mile long, it's like nothing wants to work the way it's supposed to be!

The worst part about having so many things wrong (besides the pain in the butt it is) is that it doesn't matter what medicine I take. I'll take one medicine for one thing, and then that certain symptom will improve, but the rest stick around. Next I'll take a different sort of medicine, and the last thing will come back! It's very frustrating.

The only thing that's made my day better is that I have the most amazing boyfriend. I had muted my phone last night when I went to work (I was called in last-second), and passed out the minute I got home. I forgot to turn my phone back on, and slept until noon. When I woke up I was coughing and hacking. I felt (and looked) really horribly yucky, but there was Cj in my kitchen, offering me some tea and hugs.

He also kept tricking me into kissing him, which is cute even though he's sneaky!

I love that boy.

I really hope I get better soon, because I have a lot to look forward to this weekend. I was hoping to go to the drive-in with Cj to see two movies we both want to watch very badly, and then my best friend is throwing a Lolita Day celebration on Saturday. I feel so gross, but I haven't seen her in a long while, and I haven't had a chance to wear my sweet lolita dress in years, and that's the one I picked... (Because unfortunately I couldn't afford a new one at this time).

I've attempted a few at-home remedies that were very helpful. When I had post-nasal drip two days ago, I was in so much pain I started crying. I was so desperate I tried a DIY cure that involved snorting a mixture of water with a tiny amount of baking soda and salt. It was gross, oh so gross... Oh so very, VERY gross... But it worked magic! The pain was gone within twenty minutes, and it's stayed away. I still have all of the other issues, but they are tolerable compared to that pain.

I'm still trying to work off this sickness as best as I can. Most of all because this might be my last weekend where I'll have free time. Next week I have my first official day of work. If you remember about eighteen sentences back, I said I was called into work, but that was out of necessity. I technically still haven't had my orientation, but I was needed and no one else could come in. Mostly I just stayed in the back and helped clean up because the store was so busy. It was a holiday, so I wasn't surprised. Anyway, I'm very excited to start working, because it's my first step to everything I want for myself in the future.

I want to move out and have my own space, more than just one room. I can't wait to have an entire house to myself (and Cj, of course!). Before that, there are a few little splurges I'm looking forward to. I have a list of so many things I'd like. There are a few expensive things; a lolita dress, a new camera, circle lenses... But mostly it's the little things I'm looking forward to. Being able to buy things for small crafts, and makeup whenever I want it without having to scrimp and save. I mean, I won't just spend all of my money like it's nothing, but a few things here and there would be nice, as long as I'm still saving up.

Well, I suppose I should wrap up my ramblings and attempt sleep. It will be difficult, since I slept so late today and then didn't do much activity-wise because I'm sickyface, but I should at least make an honest attempt. Night night!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things My Cat Does: Volume One

These are just some things my beautiful kitty-cat, Sammy, does on a regular basis. Besides derping, which he is totally doing in the picture above.

1. Sleeps beside me with his head turned upside down and belly presented. That's how I know he'll be there for the rest of the night. He looks comfortable, but when I try it it just really hurts my neck.

2. Snores. Snores like you wouldn't believe. I'll wake up at night and think that Cj is sleeping beside me, but no, it's just Sammy taking some nap times.

3. Follows me downstairs every time I go, but refuses to come back upstairs with me. Seriously, the second my foot hits the hallway he's beside me, but no matter how much I call he doesn't come up until he feels like it.

4. Attacks my pajama bottoms, but only once. If I walk around my house in pajama bottoms, Sammy will jump my leg and bite the bottom, and then immediately run away. It's not often he'll try more than once, even if I stand still.

5. Whenever I open the window beside my bed, he'll jump right up like most cats. However, the window faces the road, and whenever a car drives by he'll jump down and glare at me as if it's my fault that we live in a high-traffic area.

6. Loves my hair accessories more than anything we can shove cat nip into. We buy this cat a toy about every other week, but nothing can compete with my favorite flower hair ties and my spoodles. I don't think I have any spoodles left thanks to this little guy.

7. Drops down in front of where he knows my foot is going to land next. Whenever I walk downstairs, he runs until he is a foot ahead of me and plops right down in my path so that I much adjust my trajectory accordingly. And of course, every time he does this he gives me those big, fat kitty eyes and I have to pet him.

8. Opens his mouth and keeps it open like he's REALLY excited about something. I wish I could catch this move on camera, but it's really hard. It usually lasts between 5-20 seconds, and he'll look like he's happy as a clam. It's adorable.

9. Looks adorable, even when he attacks you. It has something to do with the way his lips look when he's biting into tender flesh, but it is adorable. It almost makes you forget about the immense pain. Almost.

10. Loves when I pets him, but eventually decides that we are playing instead. I can pet him peacefully as can be, but at some point he will almost always decide that I'm actually in the mood for a scuffle and attack my arm like there is no tomorrow.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Writers Block is Keeping Me From Coming Up With a Clever Title

Hello everyone! I know, two posts within a week of each other, my goodness!

To be honest, the only reason I'm writing a post for this right now is because I have complete and total writers block. I have several stories I want to tell, but they are so convoluted and half-thought up that it's impossible to 'start' them. I could write scenes, true enough, but when I start writing one of the scenes I know takes place I suddenly forget everything I was that piece of the story to mean. Writers block is awful. I have a book for of ideas, but nothing inspires me. It doesn't help that I have to sit here on my bed and attempt to write. If I even for a moment actually get absorbed into the story, my back starts to hurt or a pillow falls on my face or something equally silly. I really need to set up a writing area, I've been planing it for some time.

First, I need to move my desk to catch the light better. Then I'll decorate it a bit, and hopefully find a chair that isn't meant for the reject at thanksgiving dinner. I've been debating trying to steal my sisters, because she never uses her desk. I may ask later on.

So, as long as I am stumped as for actual writing, here is what I have been doing lately and what I hope to do soon!

First of all, I've been organizing things. I find it's easier to keep organized if the devices I use to store items are pretty, so that also means decorating. I've been dressing up boxes to hold makeups, and just generally trying to tame the beast that it my bedroom desks. I have two, yes. One basically acts as a makeup area because I share a house with two women and it's impossible to have the bathroom for a long period of time.

Also, I finally got a job! I know, I probably should have listed that first, but heck it didn't occur to me and I don't edit my blog posts like a responsible young lady should. I'm not working at a nice ice cream shop nearby, and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention the name so I won't. Not that I would ever say anything bad about this place, they probably have the best ice cream on the planet and some really, really great people work there, but I'm just going to be safe about it. I'm very excited to start and try to make the best impression I can!

I've been trying like hell to find a drive-in that Cj and I can go to so that we can enjoy a nice movie-night. I grew up with drive-in's, and it's one of those things I don't want to forget as I get older. Last year I wasn't able to go to a single one because I had no means to do so (no car), but Cj does have a vehicle in which we can travel in, so I'll finally be able to go again! I really wish we hadn't gone to see Thor last week, because a nearby place is playing Thor and Pirates 4 side-by-side. Two movies is usually the standard, by the way. For anyone who has never been to a drive-in movie, you must. It is probably one of the most authentic, fun, and entertaining summer activities that I've ever had.

Plus, it's basically two movies for the price of one, and you are totally allowed to talk because there's no way you're bothering anyone (except the people in your car)!

Sammy is cuddling in my side right now, hugging my arm. It is quite adorable.

And with that little segway, I'm also actively trying to think of something fun to do to celebrate my birthday. I'm thinking maybe a bonfire would be nice. Smores and hot dogs and lots of little buggies biting my arms. We have a nice big backyard, and it would be fun for me and a few friends to just chill out for a bit. Followed of course by all the girls having a sleepover. Yeah, I'm turning twenty and you'll have to deal with it. I will have slumber parties forever.

Well this blog is a jumbled mess of jumping from topic to topic. Apparently my writing problem isn't going to be solved by writing about my day. Oh well! Have a great day/night (depending on when you're reading this!)!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


As much as I love school, and I do love school, I have really been looking forward to a break. I'm very excited to get things done this summer that will make my life more organized and pretty. Today alone I have rearranged my room, hung up four more pictures (my newest obsession), decorated the boxes that hold my makeup and my brushes, cleaned the entire house and made a list of goals. I have goals for the day, goals for the week, goals for the month an goals for the entire summer!

Yes, I have been a busy little bee.

I'm also going to try to be a more sociable person. I realized lately that I've been quiet and weird as of late with my friends and loved ones, and that doesn't sit well with me. I've always been introverted, but I don't want that to effect my relationships. I think that during the school year I allow myself to get completely absorbed in my schoolwork, which is a good thing, but it is much easier to ignore the social part of my life. Weird, huh? Most people use school to socialize, but I use it to avoid it!

I'm not going to talk about everything on my lists, because some of them are personal and some of them are just boring things I have to get done, but here are a few things that are fun.

I'm going to be saving up money to move in with my boyfriend. We decided a long time ago that we weren't going to move in together unless we had the extra 'emergency' money to back us up. We are saving up 5,000 big ones before we even start looking for an apartment, which is a hefty sum for two college-students. I'm just a paranoid person, so it's more for my comfort than his.

I'm also saving up for a nice video camera, so that I can start a video blog as well as this normal... not-video blog. Plus, Becca and I would like to record our dances with a nice camera for a change.

I have a birthday coming up, but I'm not sure what I am planning. Anyone who knows me well knows that I haven't had the best run with birthday parties. Ever since I turned fourteen they have been god-awful messes, and I don't really like them anymore. I've come to really hate July 24th, with a passion. But... I think maybe going out to see a movie with my boyfriend and then having a sleep over with friends might be cool.

One other goal I have is to lower my 'to-read' list. I have about forty books I want to finish, and really need to get started. Unfortunately, I need to find a way to pay for my high-school stupidity. I used to check out books and not return them for months, if at all, so my charge is ranging on the side of 'high'. How high? I don't remember, but I'm afraid to ask. I think it's a little above a hundred.

So those are my plans for this summer, except I have many more on my list. A lot of them aren't worht mentioning, like filling out my FASFA and getting a copy of my parents tax returns, or buying a new notebook to keep my lists in (the one I have now is running low on free pages).

Right at this moment I'm going to go finish my 'today' list by throwing some laundry into the washer and folding my clean clothes. <3