Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things My Cat Does: Volume One

These are just some things my beautiful kitty-cat, Sammy, does on a regular basis. Besides derping, which he is totally doing in the picture above.

1. Sleeps beside me with his head turned upside down and belly presented. That's how I know he'll be there for the rest of the night. He looks comfortable, but when I try it it just really hurts my neck.

2. Snores. Snores like you wouldn't believe. I'll wake up at night and think that Cj is sleeping beside me, but no, it's just Sammy taking some nap times.

3. Follows me downstairs every time I go, but refuses to come back upstairs with me. Seriously, the second my foot hits the hallway he's beside me, but no matter how much I call he doesn't come up until he feels like it.

4. Attacks my pajama bottoms, but only once. If I walk around my house in pajama bottoms, Sammy will jump my leg and bite the bottom, and then immediately run away. It's not often he'll try more than once, even if I stand still.

5. Whenever I open the window beside my bed, he'll jump right up like most cats. However, the window faces the road, and whenever a car drives by he'll jump down and glare at me as if it's my fault that we live in a high-traffic area.

6. Loves my hair accessories more than anything we can shove cat nip into. We buy this cat a toy about every other week, but nothing can compete with my favorite flower hair ties and my spoodles. I don't think I have any spoodles left thanks to this little guy.

7. Drops down in front of where he knows my foot is going to land next. Whenever I walk downstairs, he runs until he is a foot ahead of me and plops right down in my path so that I much adjust my trajectory accordingly. And of course, every time he does this he gives me those big, fat kitty eyes and I have to pet him.

8. Opens his mouth and keeps it open like he's REALLY excited about something. I wish I could catch this move on camera, but it's really hard. It usually lasts between 5-20 seconds, and he'll look like he's happy as a clam. It's adorable.

9. Looks adorable, even when he attacks you. It has something to do with the way his lips look when he's biting into tender flesh, but it is adorable. It almost makes you forget about the immense pain. Almost.

10. Loves when I pets him, but eventually decides that we are playing instead. I can pet him peacefully as can be, but at some point he will almost always decide that I'm actually in the mood for a scuffle and attack my arm like there is no tomorrow.

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