Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stressed Out!

It's been a trying week for me. I don't want to get into what's been happening too much, but it has been bad. Nothing life-changing bad, just frustrating and hurtful. It's been made worse by a lack of sleep and a general feeling of hopelessness. I don't meant this in an emo 'pay attention to me' sort of way, but a true hopelessness I need to pull myself out of. I've had a few bright moments. 

For instance, my father brought up how much I've changed in the last two years, and I really have. I'm still me, I still like all the things I used to like, and many new things as well. But I've become more aware of myself and I like taking responsibility more than I used to. It made me feel better, because I remember times in my past I felt much worse than I do now. It's been awhile since I've felt this emotionally pained, but this isn't the worse it's ever been and it will go away. I know it will.

That, and my supportive boyfriend, loving sister and super best friend are the few things keeping me upright. I don't have many people who cheer me on, and it's nice for the first time to have three instead of depending on myself. I'm just going to have to try harder. That's okay. I'm never one to run away from hard work. It's the rejection that hurts, and I'll have to get past that.

We have to move on when are lives, even when things seem hopeless, right? :)

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